2003-04-02 Joe Estock <jestock@nutextonline.com>
* Added version announcement as a superop command
* Added DEVEL_BUILD define to track devel and production builds
* Added announcement of build & version upon initial launch

2003-03-25 Matthew Kennedy <mbkennedy@austin.rr.com>
* Added google module incomplete.

2003-03-24 Joe Estock <jestock@nutextonline.com>
* Dumped log_mysql.c and log_mysql.h (no longer needed)
* Added author credits to main.c
* Fixed segfault issue in trustlist.c

2003-03-24 Matthew Kennedy <mkennedy@killr.ath.cx>
* Implemented configuration directory profiles for unix and win32
  (~/.yacca/* and data/yacca respectively).

2003-03-22 Matthew Kennedy <mbkennedy@austin.rr.com>
* Split commands.c into commands.c and ignore.c
* Split ybot.c into ybot.c and prefs.c

2003-03-21 Joe Estock <jestock@nutextonline.com>
* Added detection to the ignore and unignore routines to ensure that a user exists
  or doesn't exist before attempting to remove.add them to the ignore file.

* Moved all variables to the top of each function to avoid compiler warnings and
  errors for some systems.

* Converted the c++ style comments to c style comments.
* Changed command syntax from yacca mute to yacca status.

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